Video calls unlike you've ever experienced them before.

Takeyour team's productivity to the next level with more focused and engaging video calls.

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How to use Whipple

Using Whipple is really simple, just follow these three steps:

1. Create a room

It can be whatever you want (like your name, a topic or company name)

2. Share the link

Copy & paste the URL and send it by email, chat, in Slack.

3. Start talking!

Guests join instantly in the browser by clicking the link.

We believe that great communication is the key to a team's success.

Our aim is to help you improving your team's productivity and simply getting things done in calls avoiding common traps like endless discussions. Whipple helps keeping your calls focused and productive by eliminating distractions, creating more balanced discussions as well as making sure that all team members have equal opportunity in expressing their ideas and being listened to through simple but effective rules.

Small details that make a HUGE difference

Whipple introduces a set of improvements to well-established features that in combination provide a breakthrough in enhancing video call productivity and effectiveness.

Balanced discussions

Engaging calls for all participants.

Calls shouldn't be dominated by a select few or even only one participants. A study has as even shown that in case only one person or a small group spoke all the time, the collective intelligence of the group declined. However, as long as everyone got a chance to talk, the team did well. Therefore, Whipple incentivizes a balanced discussion.

Limits breed creativity

Limited time to talk per turn per person.

By not placing a limit, we encourage rambling, off-topic and useless conversation. Constraints breed creativity. You have 100 seconds to talk everytime it's your turn, that's it. With only 100 seconds per turn every participant is reminded to focus on the most relevant facts and made aware to get straight the point quickly.

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Improved conversation structure and focus

Avoiding participants interrupting each other.

There's one person clearly assigned to be talking while everyone else is muted then. This tiny change helps a ton to keep the call focused and calm. Gone are the days with multiple participants talking simultaneously and people interrupting each other in the middle of a sentence. More structure, more effective calls.

Avoiding unnessecary distractions

Press to talk.

We think its not necessary to transmit someone's microphone input all the time when he's only talking every so often. Say goodbye to background noises like barking dogs or sneezing. In case you have something to say, just hit space or the according button.

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Equal opportunity for expressing ideas

A queue for maximum fairness.

In Whipple indicating you have something to say is as easy as hitting a button and you'll be put in the queue. This way you can be sure to get the opportunity to make your point and being listened to when its your turn. Even a shy person has an easy way to actively take part in the discussion.


How does Whipple compare to existing video call tools?


Feature Description






Zoom Technologies

Video Calls

Standard transmission of video and audio.


Send text messages.

Screen Sharing

Sharing your desktop.
(coming soon)

Limited speak time

Limits breed creativity.

Press to talk

Less distractions through background noise, more focus.


A fair order of turn, avoiding simultanous speaking.

Moderator not required

Rules built-in so everyone can focus on the topic.

Gamification Elements

We incentivize behaviour that help to focus.

Conversational Analytics

Be able to see how long participants talked in sum.
(coming soon)

Different concept, different look

Unlike any other tool. A fresh new look in the world of video calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my video calls encrypted?

We use industry standard security technologies to ensures that your information is always safe. Video and audio streams passing through the platform are encrypted using AES 128-bit encryption.

Can I lock rooms?

We are working on this. Currently there is no way to lock rooms but you can ensure nobody accidently joins your room by being creative and using an unusual room name.

How many participants can join a room?

Currently there is a limit of 5 people for one room.

What platforms are supported? Is there an Android / iOS app?

Currently Whipple runs in the browser so you don't have to download anything to get started. On desktop operating systems the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari are supported. On Android, Whipple can be run using Chrome or Firefox for Android.

Unfortunately, iOS support is limited at this point due to Apple's restrictions for WebRTC in the browser. However, we are going to release mobile apps for iOS and Android devices later this year.

I am confused about how to use your tool. Are there instructions?

Don't worry, we know it's an unusual concept that needs to be learned first, but we think its worth it. We've prepared an interactive tutorial guiding you through the interface and its functionality while you're in Whipple. In additions, you get hints by hovering over the buttons

Can I use the service for free?

We are still in beta and currently testing different modes and formats. As long as we are in beta we are not going to charge for anything. Longterm, there will be a premium version with advanced features besides a free version.

Our Team

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We’re working hard to make Whipple great for you. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, let us know!

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We’re working hard to make Whipple great for you. If you have any feedback or suggestions, let us know!


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